1 Cup Joelle Olive Oil (I use Mission/Manzanillo Blend)
1+ Cup well rinsed fresh Basil leaves
5 garlic cloves (more or less depending on size and taste.)
½ Cup grated Parmesan cheese (you grate, not the kind in the jar.)
1/4 Cup Raw Pignolias (pine nuts) Trader Joe’s are good


I do this in a blender….first in goes the olive oil, then all the other ingredients. Blend until all are pretty well chopped up and mixed. The mixture will be very green and you will see small flecks of greens leaves throughout.

This sauce is not cooked and is very pungent, spicy, and garlicky. Yum

Any kind of pasta can be used but we like our Luciana Mosconi Pasta.

Dish is served with pignolias and grated cheese on top.

Left over sauce can be frozen…some use ice cube trays to freeze it in then you just take out what you need for the next Pesto Sauce meal.