I served this dressing on a lovely (Shepherd’s/Carpinteria) green salad for a holiday party and the salad was a rave. So I decided to share with others.

1 generous Tablespoon any kind of mustard (French’s, Dijon, etc.)
1 generous Tablespoon honey (I use San Marcos Farms honey. A Santa Barbara company that sells at Farmer’s Markets and has beautiful unprocessed honey.)
¼ cup Joёlle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (I use the Late Harvest Manzanillo which gives the dressing a bit of a kick.)
Dash garlic salt
Dash coarsely ground pepper

Combine all in a jar and shake until well mixed.

For every ¼C olive oil, 1 generous T each of honey and mustard so that when you are at ¾C you will have closer to 4Ts each of honey and mustard. You want this dressing to be sweet and thickish. And use more or less honey or mustard depending on how sweet you like it.