Joëlle Olive Oils are unfiltered, extra virgin, and date-stamped for year of production. The eight types offered are described below.


This is the same variety of olive that was brought to California by the Franciscans and is now found lining the streets in many cities along the California coast. With olives picked ripe, Mission olive oil is the most classic in flavor with mild, buttery, almost sweet attributes. It has multipurpose uses and can substitute whenever a recipe calls for vegetable oil, as in cake mixes. Does not overwhelm whatever you’re cooking, but rather enhances flavors and gives foods a richer taste. Shop Now »

Mission/Manzanillo Blend

This has been hit with everyone! A lovely marriage of the more spicy Manzanillo and the more buttery, mellow Mission oils. Excellent for frying chicken or fish, lovely in salads, drizzled on vegetables, and altogether delicious for dipping with crusty bread! Shop Now »


Picked fully ripe, this is a large olive primarily used for home curing, thus the Barouni olive oil is difficult to find. The oil has an unusual nutty or smoky taste and a nice hot kick at the back of the throat. This is a very special multi-use oil that is much loved by return customers. Shop Now »

Late Harvest Manzanillo

Like the Mission and the Barouni, the Late Harvest Manzanillo is picked and pressed ripe, that is, mostly purple in color. Also piquant, grassy, and peppery, this is a more mild and smoother than Early Harvest Manzanillo. This is good for all uses, sautéing, dipping, making your favorite salad dressing or your favorite Italian dishes. Also a multiple award winner, customers are moving up to this more spicy culinary adventure. Shop Now »

Garlic Mission

This has the mellow attributes of the Mission olive oil with a splash of garlic. Wonderful for use in salad dressings, on meats, for garlic bread. A real crowd pleaser! Especially nice for house gifts. Shop Now »

Lemon Mission

single_branchMission olives are pressed with organic lemons to create a spicy lemony delight. Excellent for salads and for use on your seafood dishes. Has won Best in Class and Gold medals. A wonderful gift for special friends! Shop Now »